Holiday Baking Tips: Stress Free Baking!

The holiday season is a beautiful time to spend with family and friends, but if you are in charge of cooking, it can be quite the stressful event. Not only is there the main dish to prepare, but the side dishes as well. On top of all that, there are the cookies, bread rolls, and all the other things you forget in the oven! This time of year shouldn’t be stressful though, it is meant to be a joyous time. We have provided a few tips on how to take away some of the stress from your holiday baking.   

  1. Planning is key

The best way to tackle any large project is by having a solid plan in place before you start. This applies to baking as well. When you know which pastries you will be baking, make a list of ingredients first. This will guarantee that you aren’t left on with missing ingredients when baking, and could help you decipher the order in which to bake the sweet treats. 

When planning out your recipes try to see if there is any prep you can do ahead of time. There are many pie doughs and cookie doughs that can withstand being in the fridge for a few days, so see if this applies to your recipe. If you can get a head start on the prep, the baking part will be a breeze!

  1. If trying a new recipe, practice first

There are many recipes that we have always done and know like the back of our hand. However, if there is something new you want to try this year, give it a practice run first. There is nothing more stressful than realizing this new recipe needs to rest overnight…on the day you’re meant to bake them! By practicing how to bake the new recipe first, you can learn about all the subtle nuances the pastry may have.

  1. Stick with a few treats

During the holiday season, there is nothing wrong with wanting to go all out. Most of us have grown up watching holiday movies where the dinner table is filled to the brim with food and sweet treats. However, this is not an easy feat. Outside of the movie world, we don’t really need to have so much stuff for our holiday dinner. Instead of making 10 different pastries, stick to baking just one or two. Having less work to do will always make your day easier.

  1. Make it a family event

The holidays are all about bonding with your family, so why not make baking a fun thing you can all do together? There is no reason that you have to do all the cooking alone! That is a lot of pressure to put on yourself. Have your family and friends help you in the kitchen to lower your workload. It will take away a lot of your worry while creating fun memories with your loved ones. 

  1. No need for fancy

This may seem like the perfect time to make funky shaped cookies and rare holiday pastries that no one has heard of, but it is not necessary to pull out all the bells and whistles. With everything you already have to do, adding more and more to your list is just going to get overwhelming. Try to keep your fillings, shapes, and pastry of choice simple. Simple sweets are still delicious! Everyone will appreciate and love all the work you put into the treats no matter how simple, or fancy, they are. 

  1. Look for a shortcut

With popular sites like YouTube and Pinterest, there is an endless supply of baking shortcuts out there. It’s true that some of the things you find will not work, but there may be some that could cut your baking time significantly. If you know that a certain treat will take a while to make, take some time to do research and see if you can find anything worthwhile.

The holidays are all about enjoying time with your family, not spending all your time in the kitchen. Try some of the tips above to cut down your baking time, so you can actually enjoy your holidays! Let us know in the comments which tips helped you, or which tips we missed out on!

Happy holidays and good luck baking!

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