A Coffee Sommelier’s Trip Around Toronto: A Few of Toronto’s Best Coffee Spots

There’s nothing quite like that first cup of coffee in the A.M. A few sips of  a the perfect brew and you’re suddenly awake and motivated to tackle your day head on. It’s truly the best. Whether you are a coffee lover, coffee nerd, a coffee sommelier or just someone interested in finding the best coffee in Toronto, you have come to the right spot. Here are a few of the best cafe spots in Toronto. Try them all and more!

Ninetails Coffee Bar
Ninetails is a sleek cafe best known for its unique Japanese honey pancake sandwiches and unique menu options. Ninetails cafe is located on Bloor street gets its name from the mythical fox spirit originating from East Asian folklore. It was also the inspiration for the Pokémon named Ninetails. The owner is a huge fan of Japanese culture and it’s reflected in the style of the shop with bamboo light shades and tatami mats. They sell the usual coffee options but are most known for their Matcha tea and traditional desserts.

Le Gourmand (Yes, That’s Us!)
Whether you enjoy a cold brew, a latte, or a double shot of espresso, Le Gourmand is the place to be! (At least that’s what our fans say!)

Le Gourmand is a French bakery and café on Spadina. The classic cafe is a bustling spot and a city favorite for a casual coffee date. In preparation for the upcoming fall season, Le Gourmand has perfected their drinks menu to make the best Pumpkin Spice Latte and other seasonal drinks. Le Gourmand is known for doling out some of the city’s best chocolate chip cookies (Some even say they are the best in the world!). If cookies aren’t your thing, Le Gourmand is always a reliable bet for an indulgent pastry case replete with riches such as financiers, custard tarts, and croissants.

If the Downton location is a little out of reach, Le Gourmand also has a bakery at 2897 Lake Shore Blvd. W.
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Versus Coffee
Located just east of the Financial District on Adelaide Street, Versus Coffee is a small shop with a big patio. You can order standard coffee drinks and tea as well as creative twists on lattes. They compensate for the small space with high ceilings and a chic, all-white modern look. This room is made to seem bigger by floor-to-ceiling mirrors and large windows. Their funky and surprisingly comfortable chairs can be found on the patio.

Forget Me Not Cafe
At Adelaide and Portland, just north of King West, you’ll find the teeny and adorable Forget Me Not Cafe. Enjoy iced and warm matcha, as well as candles, soaps, and lotions, in this cozy environment. Forget Me Not Cafe is an Argentinian coffee and Home Decor Shop. Its Argentinian cafe atmosphere is combined with the style and charm of a French home and lifestyle accessory boutique. The fusion experience is unique in Toronto and is unlike anything else you can find in the city.

Cozy Coffee Co.
Cozy Coffee Co. is a coffee shop operating out of the same space as Daily Press Juicery. With an adjacent cafe that serves cold-pressed juices, Cozy Coffee contributes a caffeinated component, along with savory sweets and some baked goods. All of the coffee is sourced from a local vendor for the best quality. In addition, all of the baked goods are prepared fresh in the morning every day.

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